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Thread: AC:NL Hacking??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virus View Post
    Thanks for sharing! It looks a nice project so far! Hopefully it continues being updated. If I had some time and a flash cart, I would look into creating a standalone editor (not web based).

    Edit: It doesn't look like I'd need a flash cart, just time.
    That would be awesome :O

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    Virus, is it alright if we start posting RAM codes for this game on this forum?
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    Sure! Feel free!

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    It would be awesome to see a program like ACToolkit! I know there's one that's web-based but I have a feeling those won't stay up for long. Somebody made a program where you can edit the acres but the link to it is already dead. I managed to snag it just in time, though.

    A program itself, especially one that works offline would be wonderful.
    I'm not a programmer at all but if you need something like the .ram files or even the Acre editor program that someone made, I can provide those.

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    Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to finish another ACToolkit. Would anyone be interested in contributing code for a community created editor? If so, I can set up a repository and look into providing some code as a starting point.

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    Would this editor rely on the web browser exploit in 9.5.0-x - 9.5.0-22? Also, what programming language is this program going to be written in?
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    As far as I know, that web browser exploit is the easiest way of doing it. If the original creator of the exploit doesn't mind, we should be able to have a save editor start up a web server and serve the exploit within your local network. I was thinking C++/Qt, but I'm currently not planning on contributing much. Any preference on language?

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    Will there be a way to extract patterns? Using the Dream Suite, I was able to get an old town of mine back. Problem is, some of the patterns that were on that same file were from a QR code of my very first town that I created. I simply transferred the patterns over via QR method. I don't have the QR images anymore and Sable said I can't create QR codes of patterns that aren't mine. I don't want to go through the hassle of recreating the patterns. I know some people used HxD hex editing to modify their TPC picture and the RAM editor itself loads the patterns you currently have so I'm wondering if anything can be done to be able to at least change the ownership of the patterns so you can make QR codes for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodyMKW View Post
    Sorry bumping thread but just wanted to share this ACNL Ram editor only works for 3ds versions 9.5.0-22 and lower its pretty much like ACToolKit for New Leaf
    Thank you so much for "bumping"! Yay, finally it looks like we have the beginnings of greatness. I'll have to try one of the exploits soon. Also, a stand alone editor would be wonderful. I'd be of no use for coding and such but I'd be willing to be a crash dummy, haha or tester.

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    There is, in fact, an offline editor called NLSE.
    Sky Rail has been released:
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