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    Default ACTool Kit Move Function - AC:CF

    I'm trying to move around some buildings for my AC:CF using the ACTool Kit, but the controls aren't working correctly. I can delete them, but... then how would I "respawn" those buildings when I can't find them located anywhere?

    Anyway, the "move" function isn't working. When I click on the "Move" button then try to click and drag the building/object I want to move, it will move one block before stopping. Then if I try to move it again, it won't do anything. :/

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    You can place buildings that you previously removed by clicking the "Place" button under the building controls. The move function doesn't support dragging. You have to click the exact block you wish to move it to. If you need to move it a second time, click the "Check" button and click the building again.

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