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    Default Just wondering...

    Surprised this place hasn't died yet XD
    But anyway...are there any good "image to text translate" apps out there?
    I have japanese friends on littlebigplanet and i wanna understand what they're saying...XD
    So it'd be cool to just take a picture and have the text in it automatically translated.
    I heard Google Goggles does it, but whenever I try it, it doesn't recognize anything x.x
    and all the other things I'm finding cost money or have horrible reviews.
    Always willing to help with anything, code-related or not. :]

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    What you're trying to do is called OCR, happy googleing :-)

    Remember to always click the thanks button of those who help you! It makes them feel wanted:

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    What you need is an Android phone I believe.
    Google translate app for Android does images IIRC.

    That article basically shows how it works, I've never personally used it however.

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