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Thread: I been trying to find way in free animation software

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    Default I been trying to find way in free animation software

    I have been through all of these issues while trying to find free animation software, it is no good, especially if you want to learn and be able sometime in the future to easily create animations. It only got me delayed in what I wanted to create, and got me really confused about my abilities, I was almost sure that Iíll never be able to create something worth looking at, and boy, that feeling is something you donít want to have when trying to create some ďARTIMATIONĒ, you want your animation software to deliver exactly what you imagined in the process of creating the animation in your head, or in your sketchbook.

    I feel bad when I started this Free Animation Software.
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    Well, 3DS Max is probably the way to go. Simply sign up for the student version and you get a couple of years free.

    've tried animating with it, but I haven't exactly figured everything out. :P
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