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Thread: ARDS Button Activator Calculator

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    Default ARDS Button Activator Calculator

    Tool: ARDS Button Activator Calculator
    Publisher: Demonic722

    Overview: ARDS Button Activator Calculator is an application written by Demonic722 for beginners and advanced NDS code hackers alike. This program was designed to not only output button activator combinations, but to teach future ASM Hackers as well with it's built in "tst value" calculation. Below is a list of features that the program currently supports:

    - Calculates button and "tst" values.
    - Includes all documented NDS and GBA buttons.
    - Allows the user to choose his/her joker type (GBA | NDS).
    - Allows to user to choose his/her target output (AR Code | tst Value).
    - Allows the user to copy and clear the text in the output box with the "Copy" and "Clear" buttons.
    - Depending on which "Joker Type" you select, the opposing buttons will be grayed out and highlighted blue.
    - Outputs a few lines of ASM (for ASM Hackers) if the target "tst Value" was selected.

    Here's two images of the program:

    Since I am unable to upload files to and I'm too lazy to upload to mediafire, please visit this link and sign up there.


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