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Thread: Demic i need help.

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    Default Demic i need help.

    Ok Pretend that I= Islands so there will be 4 Islands in any shape you want them to be, they can be big or small. and i would like my house in the middle of 1 island and the town hall in the middle of another island and everthing elis can be somewhere elis. O and im very sorry that i posted on this instead of request forum sorry.

    P.S. use water to seperate the islands lol i think u know this already.

    sorry i spelled your name wrong.. Demonic

    I posted it here.

    have the rivers connect and add a bridge to get 2 middle of island in ta middle and just add a rive and a brige to go down to outher isaands and ocean.

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    Where is the rest of the picture?
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    Game-hackers wouldn't let me post the rest because it was over 8 sorry bout that..

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    But heres the asic idea so can u just go off of this because i really want the code.

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    Over 8? Could you send in pieces?
    Edit: Or email the full picture to
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    OK i sent u the photo.

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    Ima ride my bike arround outside so ether post the code on here or on my email plz lol and thanks much if you can make the code!

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    Edit: Using the same East-West River Acre might give some problems in the code...does it have to be a perfectly straight east-west river acre?
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    yes but put the houses and town hall and stores where ever u want. o and could u put a dirt path way to all houses and stores ect.

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    I don't have a dirt path pattern, that part you'd have to do on your own. There is no space for all of the buildings. Technically speaking, one building will be without an acre unless you move some of the river acres that are connected to the waterfall.
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