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Thread: Demic i need help.

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    You are only allowed to have 3 bridges except if its duplicated.
    your code dosen't work and i removed everything.
    First use the "remove all" code, then load the game up. The Game should then freeze, after it freezes power off and then turn the game on with that code. You do have 1.1 right?
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    oh and your code didnt work and could u duplicate it if not than just leave the three.

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    So you do have 1.1 and the code didn't work (odd)? Does your game load up without freezing?
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    i have 1.0

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    and the game does freeze when it loads

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    Can someone change this code to 1.1?
    real-time appearance modifier (1.0)

    94000130 fcff0000
    023ff090 012fff11
    e0000000 00000056
    e3a0000c e59f1040
    e3a02000 e4d18001
    e3580060 b2488030
    c2488057 e0822018
    e2400004 e3500000
    aafffff7 e59f0014
    e5d00000 e59f1014
    e59f8014 e0211890
    e1c120b0 e12fff1e
    021d02ec 022af136
    021d9018 0000228c
    023ff090 e3520003
    d2000000 00000000
    This whole time I thought you had 1.1 >_>
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    oh sorry about that my sis and my bro are 1.1 well im 1.0 so yea lol. xD

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    021e3104 490e130a
    021e3108 1027201a
    021e310c 1d15720e
    021e3110 520e1025
    021e3114 0e520202
    021e3118 2e32290f
    021e311c 4545112a
    121e3332 0000500b
    121e35f2 00005011
    121e37b4 00005000
    121e37ea 0000501c
    121e3dd4 0000501a
    121e3fb0 00005010
    121e3ffa 0000500c
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    OMG thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did it work(?), and no problem ^_^
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