So, I've used dragonboy269's in-game name modifier code once, and I accidentally saved with a blank name. On the map, my name was not there at all, and at the time I was the only character in my town, so it looked like my town had no human players living in it. After saving and starting up the game again, it acted like I had just restarted. I had to make a new town.

Now, after having restarted, I used the name mod again and made the same problem again from my ignorance. I was able to restore my character once in this situation by fiddling with the name modifier code on while using another character (I also had an appearance modifier code on the first player, if that means anything.)

This time, however, I tried editing the name of the first player with the in-game name editor and the long list of codes from Animal Map for changing a name, and it yields no results. I think my original character still exists because I can see his patterns on the ground instead of being black squares.

Hope that made some sense. If you have any ideas, questions, complaints, please share!