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Thread: I can't drop stuff! PLEASE HELP NOW!

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    Default I can't drop stuff! PLEASE HELP NOW!

    I want to drop items for my friends, but it seems I can't. Outside whenever I try to drop my stuff, it says "There's no space to put anything down!" I used the RWTE code for some, but even other items can't be dropped. It seems only furniture and clothes are affected, I can drop money, equipment, floors and walls, etc.
    I used the code:
    Remove any glitch spots/invalid items [hetoan2]
    80000000 90E8F056
    60000C80 00000000
    4A001000 00000000
    3C000000 FFF1CF54
    02000000 0000FFF1
    E0000000 80008000
    86000000 00000002
    62000000 00000000

    That didn't work. Please help! My friends need items!

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    Do you have on the 'Can Add Furniture, Move Furniture, And Take Furniture In Other Villagers' Houses And While Other Villagers Are In Your House' code? That's the only one I know of that won't let you drop any items on the ground. Although if I remember correctly the RTWE should work okay with that since you're not technically dropping items traditionally..

    Try checking the map editor in actoolkit and see to see what's on the ground.

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    I used the one that allows me to go on wi-fi. Apparently, that prevents me from dropping things, so now the predicament is about getting both to work....

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    Ah. Yep unless you're familiar with code making I doubt you'll get both to work together. Generally no one will touch that version of the of the 'villager houses' code. It's more trouble than it's worth. Just curious though.. Is there a reason why you need to use it in your town while on wifi?

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    The reason? Well, I had made new characters, but I didn't want to go on their profiles because I would have to be offline (my other characters don't have friend codes) and so I wanted to decorate their houses while people were at my town. Then I needed to drop stuff, which I couldn't..That's the reason.
    Oh, and to do those fun things that people with the code do, like moving furniture and others can see it in other buildings.

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    Have you looked at your town through ACToolkit at all?
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    Yes, just today. I saw a lot of brown/livid coloured squares, just dead grass. Restored grass, that's it.

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    No one is going to attempt to get both of the codes to work at one time, best solution is to not use the code at all. Normally people use it for more harm than good anyways.

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