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Thread: Legend of Zelda -Link's awakening DX

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    Default Legend of Zelda -Link's awakening DX

    Has anybody played this before? Claimed best game for Gameboy color ever

    Apparently it's coming to the 3DS with better graphics.

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    It was also a BW (Just Links Awakening not the DX bit) - it is indeed an awesome game but I am sick of these re-makes that are just exactly the same...

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    Ah.. i remember this game... so beastly haha hope it does come to 3ds (:

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    Coming from somebody who has played every* Zelda title, this is by far my favorite. I've completed it at least 25 times. I've tried to make it at least an annual playthrough. If they ever actually re-released Link's Awakening, I'd probably burst into tears of happiness on the spot.

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