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Thread: Can someone change this code to verson 1.0

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    Default Can someone change this code to verson 1.0

    Its for you can put what you want in toms store.

    121ed108 0000xxxx
    121ed10a 0000xxxx
    121ed10c 0000xxxx
    121ed10e 0000xxxx
    121ed110 0000xxxx
    121ed112 0000xxxx
    121ed114 0000xxxx
    121ed116 0000xxxx
    121ed118 0000xxxx
    121ed11a 0000xxxx
    121ed11c 0000xxxx
    121ed11e 0000xxxx
    121ed120 0000xxxx
    121ed122 0000xxxx
    121ed124 0000xxxx
    121ed126 0000xxxx
    121ed128 0000xxxx
    121ed12a 0000xxxx
    121ed12c 0000xxxx
    121ed12e 0000xxxx

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    Well..which version is this code?
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    Version 1.1

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    Here, Try This:

    121ECB88 0000XXXX
    121ECB8A 0000XXXX
    121ECB8C 0000XXXX
    121ECB8E 0000XXXX
    121ECB90 0000XXXX
    121ECB92 0000XXXX
    121ECB94 0000XXXX
    121ECB96 0000XXXX
    121ECB98 0000XXXX
    121ECB9A 0000XXXX
    121ECB9C 0000XXXX
    121ECB9E 0000XXXX
    121ECBA0 0000XXXX
    121ECBA2 0000XXXX
    121ECBA4 0000XXXX
    121ECBA6 0000XXXX
    121ECBA8 0000XXXX
    121ECBAA 0000XXXX
    121ECBAC 0000XXXX
    121ECBAE 0000XXXX
    3DS Friend Code: 4699-6293-3106

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    Next time, if you want to make acww codes, try the editor. You can choose wich version to make codes with.

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    TQX whats editor???

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    Smile Thank you Demonic.

    Thanks Demonic for the code it works i think you should post it in the verson 1.0 codes.

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