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Thread: Animal Crossing: Wild World Help Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by siestacat View Post
    They had updates?
    Yeah, but they never sent it out through the code manager. >_>
    Sky Rail has been released:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Was View Post
    You need to download the new ARDS update 1.71. It is on this link:
    I've already tried that. For some reason, the link won't completely download all of it because I get an error before it downloads. But more importantly, my version of AR isn't compatible, so I can't use it.
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    Xyneline - I had the same problem, I was simply forced to buy a new ARDS as they made mine obsolete...

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    Is there a way to delete my orginal house and move it to the beach? I know I can put a house at the beach but once I go inside I'll be teleported to the orginal.

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