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Thread: AC:CF Code Help please!

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    Default AC:CF Code Help please!

    Ok so guys, so I wanted too play AC:CF again loaded my codes like I used too then I get an error that it wont let me on WiFi because it detects me using codes now? So I took them off I connected on WiFI perfectly, so I launched my codes again now they wont work at all I replaced the GTC file each time with a new one, it only worked once another time then it stopped working at all, Whats wrong? please help.

    EDIT: I got it working. I guess one of the codes ****ed something up.

    JPS Text to item code wont work for me now -.- help.
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    I know the "Pick up neighbors items" one disables WiFi, I'm not sure what the 'JPS' in "JPS Text to item code" is, but I know most coders who make text to item codes disable the code in other towns to deter vandalizing.

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