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Thread: GH Podcast #7 [9/17/09]

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    If you listened to the whole thing, you'd understand the scratches There's a big spoiler in the middle area.
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    I did listen to the whole thing, I thought it was like a transfer to the next thing someone would say. Didn't realize it was censoring what was revealed at the end

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    Ima gonna send Joe a $3 dollar chocalate cake from HannaFord. Whats his address?

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    FOr Virus:

    If he can't get a mic by the time of the next podcast than he could just use this

    And here's an example of it in use: (You see its plugged into fancy stuff, but you can just plug it into the mic port on your computer)

    Otherwise, if he can buy one I suggest this,en

    Despite some idiots saying it doesn't work on Vista, it does and it is a nice mic with excelent recording quality. Recorded tons with it.
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    I need money for interwebs!!!

    =O here Virus SPEAK WHOA
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    Quote Originally Posted by siestacat View Post
    =D. I've only listened to like half of every one of em XD. Nice to see that ya are back on teh podcasts.

    XD I just listened to the end. Laughed Meh Butt off!

    Vash "I gotta Haha Here we go!
    Oh Man, Megaton Time. Matt's final comment was that he's leaving the site forever."
    Maniac "Oh.. Really?"
    Vash "Yep, That's what he said. Its confirmed."
    Maniac "So Whos Taking over for him?"
    Vash "Umm... THink we're gonna leave that one up to Siesta"
    Maniac "Oh God No"
    Vash "-laughs-"
    Now please tell me why my name isn't mentioned in the podcast?

    However Siesta is mentioned >_> Other than that I'll be listening

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    Siesta's awesome =D. Dats why loosa XD

    Joe, how much ya need for internet? You could sell cookies that people send you. lol

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    I don't think I was mentioned unless they were calling me a noob

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    lol. Nah I don't think they called ya a noob. I listened to the entire thing... but it took me like 60 minutes to buffer it... stupid slow piece of junk calls itself a computer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by siestacat View Post
    Siesta's awesome =D. Dats why loosa XD

    Joe, how much ya need for internet? You could sell cookies that people send you. lol
    :d Aww... I'm sure Vash will include me in the next one. xD Siestas the future owner of G-H.

    I'll never text to Maniac the same way....

    Every sentence he makes ends with a squel Lol Jk Maybe

    Address Please Joe. Those cookies are waiting for you....Sugar Cookies Yum...

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