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Thread: Official Pattern Sharing Thread

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    I have some more designs I made recently. I will upload them along with snapshots of them. The first one is for the release of Thousand Foot Krutch's new album The End Is Where We Begin. The next one is of Jesus hugging a man. Second one doesn't sound exciting w/o pic, I know, but just wait for me to upload them and you'll be stoked.

    You got what it takes?

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    Ummm.... is there a reason why I can't attach files anymore to any thread? I really wanna share my patterns.
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    You got what it takes?

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    Can someone reupload all the official DLC patterns?

    All links to them seem to be dead and I only found a few of them attached to posts in this thread (Dirndl, Flag day, red chanchako and the school uniform).
    Really don't want them to be lost forever down the line or needing to find someone still playing online on AC who has them. :P

    Thanks in advance!

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    Can you give me the qr code for the Spongebob uniform or where can i get it? Its on page 63 with one of the pictures
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