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    Default Game-Hackers Podcasts

    I'd like to take a moment to bring to everyone's attention our weekly podcasts. We have been putting in a lot of work getting very special guests each week just for your listening pleasure. We'd appreciate it if our dedicated members took the time each week to have yourselves a listen. Some of our high-profile guests so far have included Fenny from Fenny's Private Cafe, WiRED from Royal Hack, and Mattie the creator of EventScripts.

    While I'm taking the time, I might as well mention some upcoming updates to the site. We recently had some misunderstandings with our host(s), and we had a tiny bit of downtime. We apologize for that. We're trying to get back to 100% as fast as possible. We'll be adding new affiliates to the homepage soon and expanding the Wiki (which has fallen off the radar, as of late). If you'd like to help with the Wiki or get your site in the affiliates section, just PM Virus or Vash at the forums.

    Thanks a lot, everyone!
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    I recomended expanding the wiki yay

    Remember to always click the thanks button of those who help you! It makes them feel wanted:

  3. The Following User Says Thank You to Area51_Hacker2 For This Useful Post:

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    RSS Syndicate Please!

    Thre is a vb MOD That will make the rss for a podcast automatically

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