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Thread: Official Reader Questions Topic

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    What is your favorite flavor of pie?

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    When will the guy from BioWare come?*

    "When he wants to"*


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    "Did you enjoy your time creating PattView?"

    Or for Virus:

    "Did you enjoy your time creating ACToolkit?"
    Sky Rail has been released:
    Check out my orchestration of New Leaf's 8PM:

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    What is your reaction to the new DSi XL/LL.
    Which is better... PSP Go or DSi?
    Whats the specs of your PC?
    What OS are you running?
    Do you like cheese?

    I was board and Vashy said he needed reader questions, so there ya go!


    Another question I just though of!

    How was the sexy new PattViewX style GH logo made?

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    A better question would be :

    Why does Sora THINK He's so Pwnsome

    It did take that BioWare guy forever

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