ACToolkit v1.3 for Windows & v1.0 for Mac OS X

Animal Crossing: City Folk save editor created by Virus.

Town editor
Acre editor
Grass editor
House editor
Pocket editor
Drawer editor
Lost & found editor
Recycle bin editor
Nook's store editor
Emotion editor
Appearance editor
Modify wallet, ABD, points
Change resident and town names
Change gate style

PattView v2.1

Animal Crossing: City Folk pattern editor created by Vash.

Simple and Pro design support for patterns.
Support for all 32 player patterns.
Support for all 20 NPC patterns.
Support for all 8 Global patterns.
Image mapped out on grid system.
Zoom feature to easily replicate patterns.
Support for all 16 color palettes.
Export patterns to .pat files and share with friends.
Import patterns and replace any of the 60 patterns.
Edit all 60 patterns.
Automatic palette detection.
Change patterns default palette.
Screenshot of pattern layout.
Pattern Name, Creator, and Town editor.
ACS to PAT converter.
Simple to Pro/Pro to Simple design swap.
Scrapbook to piece together patterns.
Letter Editor.
Pattern Database.


Animal Crossing: City Folk pattern editor created by Vash.

This release has similar features to the public PattView (see above). It is completely rewritten, much easier to use, nicer to look at, and extremely fast.

Tanooki v1.0

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Save Editor created by Virus and Vash.

Select number of lives
Select number of coins
Select current equipment
Change score
Change start world
Select number of items
Complete every level with all Star coins
Unlock all hint videos

Yami's Playground v1.0

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Save Editor created by Vash and Megazig.

Purchase all shop items
Unlock all characters
Edit Zenny total
Unlock all online icons
View online statistics