How it all began

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While I was growing up, I was always interested in computers. I can remember for the longest time that I wanted to make my own video games (like every other kid). Sadly, that didn't happen for a long time. Here's a brief history of how I got to where I am now.

I didn't really start getting involved with computers until high school. When I first started programming, we we're learning HTML. Back then, tags like <marquee> and <blink> still existed hahaha. I was always interested with the Web and how web pages worked together to keep information organized. We also covered JavaScript, a language that offered a lot of power in its own unique way.

As I reached grade 10, the school offered more computer classes such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification classes. I never really knew why I took these. They never really helped much. I guess I was just looking for a challenge. Anyways, these classes taught me how routers for enterprises work. We learn't how to make our own cross-over cables and how to program routers. I took this for the following 2 years and now the end result I have my CCNA 3.

Grade 11 and 12 we're the two greatest years of High School thanks to an excellent teacher. I took two programming classes those years. We learn't Visual Basic, PHP and MySQL. Each one of those languages were very cool! They offered so much power! My favorite among those was Visual Basic. I liked the fact that anyone could build an application and redistribute it so easily to Windows machines. Those classes were also a great influence to my college application!

College came around and I was on my way to earn a college degree as a Computer Programmer. We covered a dozen languages old and new! It was definitely the right choice for me.

After I finished my program, I felt as if I hadn't learn't enough so I signed up for another college degree as a Computer Engineer.

Currently, I'm in my second year of studies as a Computer Engineer while working part time with the Government of Canada as a Web Developer.

I hope that after reading this, some of you describe how computers / programming became part of your life!



  1. Vash's Avatar
    I like the idea. Maybe I'll start writing something similar
  2. jamessmithgb's Avatar
    interesting story. I would pay someone $200 to make me a hacked game. with 9 playable charecters or 5 since i make all the sprites and levels sprites myself.
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