My awesome xmas

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This is the present I gave to my dad. It was amazing. He had a friend over when I gave him this present and I left as soon as I gave him it. He said he and his friend freaked out when they finally got to the weed part.

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I was like 'Oh ****'
I asked him how his friend reacted and he said his friend freaked out and even he did too. So now he's unlocked the cabinet where he stores his pipes and bongs. I don't know if he's leaving it unlocked for me or just forgot but I'm pretty sure he's left it unlocked cause we are cool about this weed subject now. He also said "As long as you don't get caught." THAT MEANS I CAN SMOKE IN MY OWN **** HOUSE... WOOT! Pretty ****ing awesome if you ask me.

As for presents that I got, I liked em all. I got a nice *** utility knife (nicest/heaviest I've ever handled), I got this:


Which actually gives a good work out to my surprise.

I got a miniature wii with a gamestop giftcard inside:


I also got a leather wallet, hella nice too, came with $50 in it lol. ~_~ That was my xmas .

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  1. Nicc's Avatar
    David your x mas owns, that's ****in classic you got your dad bud haaha hell ya, merry christmas
  2. DG's Avatar
    Haha thanks nicc and yeah happy belated christmas ;p
  3. wiifan420's Avatar
    That looks like some ****in bubonic chronic right there son. Smoke some for me david. Oh and happy late christmas everyone.