All is lost :~(

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Today is a sad sad sad day for Wiifan420. I recently got a virus that I just couldnt ****ing get rid of so I backed up what I thought was everything. Turns out I missed the most important folder. The folder contained everything ive ever done with ACCF down to codelists, all of my previous game saves (at least 50), every npc edit from the site, the list goes on. Not to mention other stuff I wont go on about ;). But what pisses me off the most is that I lost every single pattern I have ever made and put on the site. I know they are hosted on the site still but it was alot of work, now all down the drain :(. I even lost all of the builds of pattview along the way. Even my Pattview X VIP install is gone :(. Why oh why did I forget that last folder.


  1. Nicc's Avatar
    Aww man I feel where your coming from, I lost all my accf stuff about a month ago when my computer decided to crap out.
  2. Oni-Neoxes's Avatar
    if you do a system restore. you can undo what happened. go to safe mode copy stuff to SD/Flash Drive, Do the system restore. and there you go.
  3. conanac's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this.
    I could feel or share the pain.

    In these days, going internet means to deal with all those computer viruses, spywares, etc. And before installing anti-virus, etc, my computer's usage life-span (time between restoring, fixing) was very short.

    Take care.