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  • R.I.P. Steve

    It's hard to describe the impact that Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc., has had on the world. The fact that a good percentage of you will be reading this on a device he created speaks volumes to his achievements. The world has truly lost a visionary.

    Rest in peace, Steve.
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    1. Demonic722's Avatar
      Demonic722 -
      Quite saddening to see someone who contributed to and changed technology the way we see it today has died. I hear sometimes people know when they will die, and due to him resigning as Apples CEO a little bit shortly before his death, he probably knew this was coming. It's really sad that he had to fight Pancreatic Cancer, but he will be known by millions. R.I.P., Steve Jobs.
    1. Skelletor22's Avatar
      Skelletor22 -
      I dont know steve, but you even do not wish this to your worst enamie. So .. R.I.P Steve thnx for everything you did for the human race / life.
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