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  • ACToolkit For Mac OS X

    ACToolkit, the popular savegame editor for Animal Crossing: City Folk, is now available for Mac OS X users! You can download it now at actoolkit.com.

    Click to play video.


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    1. SonicHyuga's Avatar
      SonicHyuga -
      Nice! That'll please quite a bit of people.
    1. Oni-Neoxes's Avatar
      Oni-Neoxes -
      Congrats! nice Release.
    1. siestacat's Avatar
      siestacat -
      Sweet. Now you need a version running on the Wii itself.
    1. Vash's Avatar
      Vash -
      Quote Originally Posted by siestacat View Post
      Sweet. Now you need a version running on the Wii itself.
      ACToolkit Wii? Blasphemy!
    1. fangirl squee's Avatar
      fangirl squee -
    1. yoshisrock's Avatar
      yoshisrock -
      Sweet, no more virtual PC for me.
    1. rafaelgomez121's Avatar
      rafaelgomez121 -
      I don't know if its just me, but wen I try to open the RVFOREST.dat it crashes.
    1. Virus's Avatar
      Virus -
      What version of OS X are you running?
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