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  • PattView Wii v0.1 Alpha Released

    A Game-Hackers release?! It's about time, huh! The first public Alpha release of PattView Wii has been made available. Head on over to the official release page for a full feature list and download details! Get to downloading, we need some feedback!

    PattView Wii Release Page
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    1. Oni-Neoxes's Avatar
      Oni-Neoxes -
      Congrats on the Release!
    1. Shano56's Avatar
      Shano56 -
      haha congrats! though you never contacted me for that beta test -cough
    1. hyperonion's Avatar
      hyperonion -
      Congratulations on finishing it! Thanks!
    1. siestacat's Avatar
      siestacat -
      Congrats. Nice logo too. What was Pattview X? I forget.
    1. Kenderik1's Avatar
      Kenderik1 -
      That is Really cool Congrats on the update
    1. Area51_Hacker2's Avatar
      Area51_Hacker2 -
      PattView X is the Pro i.e. Paid version available to V.I.P. Donators
    1. Nicc's Avatar
      Nicc -
      **** yea congrats vash
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