• 12 Days of Hacking Contest

    You may have noticed a few changes around the site in the last few days. Don't worry, Virus and myself are not secretly working for a fat man in red; We're simply celebrating the holidays. What better way to celebrate than to get free stuff, amirite?! Well, luckily your favorite website has you covered! Starting December 13th, we'll be launching our holiday contest here at Game-Hackers. No, you're not designing a new logo (I mean, look at that festive masterpiece we're already sporting) and you won't be creating any clever slogans. This month we've stepped up our game and you'll have to work to earn our wonderful prizes.

    We've created a PC game that only a true hacker can find his or her way through. The player will be forced to use real hacking tools (debuggers, hex editors, memory writing software, etc.) to complete a variety of different hacking tasks in our Hacking Challenge. Hack, crack, and patch your way through our toughest challenges, be the first to do it (with a recording as proof), and you'll find yourself taking home the grand prize. Don't worry, 2nd and 3rd place will also get a little something...

    So what's all this prize talk about? Well, we'll officially announce the prizes on December 13th, with the release of the Hacking Challenge and the start of the contest. Until then, all I can tell you is that the winner will receive the grand prize by mail (and it's not a T-shirt, frisbee, teddy bear, or any combination of the three).

    Let the speculation begin...

    See you all back here on the 13th!

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