• Forum Changes - November 28, 2009

    The forums have been upgraded to version 4.0 beta 4. As this is a beta, you may find bugs. Report them here.

    Forum changes:

    • Game-Hackers
      • VIP Preview removed.

    • Computer Jargon
      • Graphic Design and Web Design merged.
      • General Computer Discussion renamed to General.

    • Games 'n' Hacking
      • PC Hacking subforums removed.
      • Nintendo DS renamed back to Handheld Hacking.
      • Gamecube & Wii renamed back to Console Hacking.
      • Other Hacking removed.
      • General Gaming Discussion renamed to Gaming.
      • Help forums added.

    • Everything Else
      • Post for Help removed. Help sections added to various forums.

    Profile changes:

    • Visitor messaging disabled. Use private messaging instead.
    • Visitor tracking disabled.
    • Albums disabled.

    Usergroup changes:

    • Registered users can no longer upload attachments. This is to decrease the rate the database size increases.


    • Username customization options for VIP users no longer works. This will probably be fixed in the near future.
    • The "Last" button appears when it should not. Clicking it will take you to the homepage. This has been reported to vBulletin.
    • Attempting to view blogs will occasionally show an error. This has been reported to and fixed by vBulletin.
    • Sending a private message may show an error. The message should be sent regardless.
    • The ad above the page footer overlaps content on certain pages. I have instituted a temporary fix.
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