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  1. Jack Stickman - Exclaim Dude!


    Just a little project I'm working on. It's not exactly finished, but I need to move away from html and use php for this. :P
  2. For teh OMG

    In case you guys didn't know it, but MW2 is finally coming out with some map packs now! :D

    [quote=Infinity Ward]
    [B]The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package is coming to Xbox LIVE on March 30th![/B]
    The multiple Game of the Year award-winner Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 just got bigger, with more epic ...
  3. For teh lulz

    A couple of hours ago at our county fair, those guys who work the prize stands asked me if I wanted to play a round (and of course those things are rip offs). I said "Hell ****ing no! Imma go home and play some Call of Duty!"

    His face was like: 0_o

    We lol'd
  4. My answer has been solved!

    I couldn't figure out anything to do, but then Maniac told me the answer:

    Find something better to do?[/quote]

    Thanks Maniac! Because of you, I am now more dedicated to my schooling now.:D


    Bwahaha couldn't say that with a straight face. xD