1. Nintendo debug systems and digital distribution for media outlets

    From a recent IGN Insider article:

    Nintendo's Super Secret System We're Not Supposed to Talk About: So we have a way for Nintendo to send us digital copies of games, but we're not allowed to tell you what it's called or describe it in detail. Not making that up. Without getting into specifics, it's a Wii without a DVD drive connected to a computer, and games get distributed to that system digitally. This is what allowed us to gain access to Super Mario Galaxy 2 weeks before
  2. Super Mario Galaxy tunes...23 years ago...

  3. The future...

  4. Casamassina Leaves IGN

    I remember IGN back when it was I remember Cassa's face thrown on one of the models in Perfect Dark. I remember the dynamic duo that was Boz and Matt. That is why when I saw a new e-mail in my inbox from IGN today, I was more than nervous. Ever since I received the e-mail alert about Mark Bozon leaving IGN, I fear each unread message will be another friend moving on. This doesn't come as a surprise for those of us that have been paying attention, though. They've even hinted at it in a few ...
  5. I'm back!

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