1. Messing around again with ACCF

    So ,since I'm making the Search/Teleport code soon, I thought I'd completely remake Real-Time World Edit for practice. I added checks to make sure you don't write to the wrong place, so this should be the same as v2 right?
    [spoiler][code]lis r17,0x80E6
    lbzu r10,0x38D7(r17) //x coordinate
    lbz r17,0x8(r17) //y coordinate

    cmpwi r10,0x60 //check if we're after the map
    cmpwi r17,0x60 //check if we're after the map (to make sure we ...
  2. Just a few more codes on my "To do" list XD

    Well, since I've already gotten my "search and teleport" code where I want it, I just have 2 more codes that I wanna work on right now XD

    The first thing I wanna do is get RTWE working indoors and outdoors. I haven't really had enough time to try to understand Toe's source, so I'll look into it later.

    The final thing (I might not even do it) is start working on my Anti Seeder code. I'm not even sure what I'm gonna do with it yet :p