1. Creating custom sticker for Rabbids Go Home game (part 2)

    Now, in this second part, we will be going through the second segment of the tutorial video. In this segment, we run the extractstickers.exe as well as insertstickers.exe applications. Let's start with describing the first one.

    extractstickers.exe application can be used to extract all existing stickers (24 pieces) in the savegame file SLT_0_2.SAV. As mentioned in my previous blog (the first part in this series), each sticker actually contains two images. One is for the picture and ...
  2. Creating custom sticker for Rabbids Go Home game (part 1)

    Switching gear to this game (from brres work which I will continue next time), I have found that one of the savegame files (by using Waninkoko's savegame extractor), SLT_0_2.SAV is used to store the downloadable stickers (provided by game-maker through WiFi).

    In this part 1 of blog series, we are going to focus on how to use GIMP (in my case version 2.6.6) to create the background image required in the sticker. Therefore, this part 1 will explain the steps shown in the first segment ...

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  3. Implementation for testing exploration # x01

    Now, for testing those structures (for unpacking brres file) we just need a little bit, but critical, more information about the size of each file within the object data. It looks for various file type, this information is available in the corresponding header part. So here is one additional structure that we need to add.

    Offset                        Size        Description
    file_section_header structure
    0x00 + [fd-j]              4 bytes     file tag
  4. Let's start with the exploration # x01

    As I have mentioned in my last blog that I would like to learn more about brres file (texture part). Now, it would perhaps be better that we learn together so if you know more or find that I miss something perhaps you could post your comments, and at the end, we all get the benefit of having better information/guess (especially the unknowns in the description column).

    To get to the texture part, we need to be able to unpack the brres file, and the first thing is to understand the beginning ...
  5. Time to Blog

    This is just a testing blog since Vash has just provided me the blog space (Thanks Vash). I will use this blog space mainly to discuss what I am working on.

    In addition to developing and testing DiiLC, I have been investigating the content of brres file in the last few weeks (at one time, DsPet suggested me to learn more about MDL0 section in the brres file). I am thinking of developing brres viewer (not editing tool) that could take different texture/palette formats. But with a limited ...

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