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  1. How it all began

    While I was growing up, I was always interested in computers. I can remember for the longest time that I wanted to make my own video games (like every other kid). Sadly, that didn't happen for a long time. Here's a brief history of how I got to where I am now.

    I didn't really start getting involved with computers until high school. When I first started programming, we we're learning HTML. Back then, tags like <marquee> and <blink> still existed hahaha. I was always interested ...
  2. My Programming Blog

    Welcome to the grand opening of my programming blog. I've never really tried anything like this, but here we go.
  3. Jack Stickman - Exclaim Dude!


    Just a little project I'm working on. It's not exactly finished, but I need to move away from html and use php for this. :P
  4. Nintendo debug systems and digital distribution for media outlets

    From a recent IGN Insider article:

    Nintendo's Super Secret System We're Not Supposed to Talk About: So we have a way for Nintendo to send us digital copies of games, but we're not allowed to tell you what it's called or describe it in detail. Not making that up. Without getting into specifics, it's a Wii without a DVD drive connected to a computer, and games get distributed to that system digitally. This is what allowed us to gain access to Super Mario Galaxy 2 weeks before
  5. Back With Vengeance!

    "Who's vengeance?" - I hear you cry...

    Seriously, I'm back out of hiding and settled in a new location in Great Britain!

    It's been a while since I've been interacting with the scene, and indeed, on any online community forum for that matter.
    So, as a gift to you (the avid user of this site), I will be kick-starting my return with a few informative and noteworthy endeavours...

    Watch this space!

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