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    This game now has a new developer and a name change... This game will possibly be released on steam... Stand by for further details

    Check out some comments the game has received here: (Sign Up Required)

    Histacom is a hacking game set in an ultra realistic environment indistinguishable from the real thing. It has the unique feature of time travel never before seen in the hacking game genre. The time travel aspect adds great depth into the game allowing the environment (operating system) to evolve as you leap through different ages in computer history.

    - To save your game click the clock in the task bar.
    - To Quit the game open the start menu and click turn off computer!

    You start your journey of as an ordinary computer user in 1998 who stumbles upon a website with secret information while performing a google search. From there it's up to you to do what you wish with this information. Do find the secret time travel software or do carry on with your daily life. The game starts of pretty linear but eventually the storyline branches once you get to choose how you will fix the past. Your actions have consequences and its up to you to prevent a corrupted future. There are many unique characters who change the way they act depending on the time period. The Main characters are 12padams and The Hidden Hacker.

    12padams: Developer of the secret time travel software. Hack into his website and find it!!!!

    The Hidden Hacker: He'll help you on your journey with or against 12padams.

    If you want to check this game out before you download check the following resources below:

    Poorly Made Youtube Trailer (Anyone wanna make a better one?):
    Introduction video (The games environment):
    Dangers Video (How you can lose the game):
    Storyline Video (Shows the beginning storyline elements and time travel):

    Download the full game below for free!!

    Version 1.8.5 Latest:

    Change of Name and developer: I started developing Histacom in March 2010 but stopped 6 months later due to getting RSI. I got the name Histacom from "HISTory of COMputers". The game never kicked off however since I never advertised it so nobody knew about it. I wanted development to continue so someone from this site has taken over development. The name was changed and Development has started...
    The graphics are no longer going to be based around windows anymore and new graphics will be created. There will now be a money system and jobs/skill levels. Feel free to say what you like in the comments about the changes made (happy? sad?) Personally I believe its like a brand new game with a similar storyline.

    Warning About Code:
    You may see histacom on sourceforge but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! That was not done by me. A previous fan known as benpowerman uploaded an older version of histacom to torrents and Sourceforge. Also the sourceforge version is buggy and even started to change its name to "TimeHack".


    The game currently features 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 if you make it to 2000 or 2001 you have pretty much reached the end of my development... but you can still have fun there
    Also a secret test of windows vista is included in the game however not finished... type in "vistatest" in load game to access it... the vista operating system was intended for 2006/2007 - 2009 in-game.
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