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Thread: Anyone here able to attemp a MMO Hack

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    Post Anyone here able to attemp a MMO Hack

    Like the title says, thers a MMO based in S Korea that needs a nice hack program. Anyone active here got the free time to check it out and give it a whirl? Needs a standard dupe for items or in-game money. It's claimed to have a bit of armadillo and hackshield pro protecting it. Others with minimal skills have attempted but know its possible. Just need a person willing to try it for real.

    Game is called Soul of the Ultimate Nation or also commonly refered to as S.U.N. Can be found at So if you feel like giving this a whirl, let me know please. I would be happy to pay for a working product.

    This is for personal use and not for distribution, resell or for making profits. I will be happy to sign a contract saying so.


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    Cant do anything in this game without spending money anymore. Market prices are rediculous and the developers have seemed to give up on making it somewhat doable for the average joe to get the end game stuff. I've run out of the ability to get my end game stuff without paying money but am only somewhat "halfway" done with endgame.

    If someone can crack this and get a program working, I have guildies who would pay to see this product also. They already spend hundreds of $$$ a month on this game and still arent done. Mostly because the crafting system SUCKS. Most things "end game" are roughly 10-30% chance of success to craft, and the only real way to get the items to craft are spending real money for parts used to make other parts to craft these items. FAIL system and they dont seem to care.

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    My server has been out for 2 years and we just now this past week got our 2nd person who has finished his "Dark Elites" (end game armor), and this dude is known to spend a ton of money for what he wants. It's estimated by his friends that he has spent countless hours and close to $2000 on the game since the beginning of this 2011 year. It's not right to expect others to go through the same or spend 4-5 years to get the same outcome.

    If you need any help doing this project, let me know and ill be there.

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