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Thread: Can some one do an ohdlc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenRoseClub View Post
    how bout make the ACCF sign. cuz i need those kinds of items as trophies for my Olympic games. (these games are so people can start enjoying accf in a new way) so is possible to make this item happen.
    As far as I know it's not possible to make a sign outdoors.. For outdoor signs you can use patterns. People have been doing ACCF olympic games since the start so it really isn't a new concept . Lastly people visiting hacked town specifically looking for items tend to either want a ridiculous amount of bells, a ridiculous amount of items, or items that are hacked and harder to trade on some AC boards. I honestly don't think they'd care either way if it's a slew of 'old' items or a slew of new ones

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    yes why dont you just use patterns, and for trophys, use your imagination and act like the bug/fish trophy is an olpympic trophy lol Plus we dont need this useless HDLC.

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