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Thread: Animal Crossing 3DS

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    Default Animal Crossing 3DS

    If some of you haven't seen it yet, just go to then click on "Nintendo Titles" then "Animal Crossing".

    I just hope they fix the bodies. They're kinda giant. O.O
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    Already making a thread of everything you need to know from E3 lol

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    The human bodies will take some getting used to.. they look weird. Being able to wear a skirt or a dress would be worth the funky body shapes though.
    Can't wait for a new game though. It looks really cute.♥

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    Wow, I'm definitely gonna buy that. Any release date for North America yet?
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    That looks waay weird O_o XD
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    At last theres a new Animal Crossing for handheld. >_>
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    Virus and I heard early rumblings a couple of days ago. We've been discussing a possible ACToolkit3DS! It's perfect. Third Animal Map/ACToolkit iteration.
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    Muhaahahaa! Yes! the game isn't out yet, and everybody begins started to makes hacks for it! I LOVE THAT!!!

    I had some discussions on GBAtemp about ac on 3ds, i think it will be great! Gonna absolutly buy this!

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    Wonder if Nintendo fallows a pattern
    with their animal crossing releases.

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    This might be fun for hacking..

    The only problem I foresee is that new 3DS function that lets your 3DS connect to WiFi during sleep mode. If that thing connects to nintendo's server to be checked out, they could figure out it was hacked and do all sorts of crap. Hopefully I'm wrong :P

    But all of these new features look pretty cool. It's graphics are like the wii. It looks like this game will have lots of new stuff!

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