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Thread: Official Neighbors Sharing Thread

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  2. The Following User Says Thank You to Lady of the Lake For This Useful Post:

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    Say, those are pretty good! Keep 'em coming.
    Sky Rail has been released:
    Check out my orchestration of New Leaf's 8PM:

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    Default Pokemon B/W Villagers

    I am planning to make a NPC Based on mincinno (The chinchilla from Pokemon B/W)

    Got any ideas for the prototype?

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    I have an idea, the lost kitten's mother "Kaitlin"!!!

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    I can't do this because I don't know how to get that animal's textures.

    Anyway, if I make mincinno, I'll be the first person to make a Custom NPC Based on Pokemon B/W

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    Hello, is everyone want to do more of a Gamecube-exclusive villagers, besides Cobb and Penny!

    Here's the one I want you to do custom NPC's of

    This another Sally:

    And that's it! Do those!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta View Post
    No need to even make any changes in the texture. Just save it as soon as it opens and it will create a save that is sooner than the default, allowing for changes to be made.
    I've tried this, but it always says the same thing when it gets to the file for the palette. It tells me that the bmp file was invalid (even though it was 24 Bit like it was supposed to do). What am I doing wrong?

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