Just a few more codes on my "To do" list XD

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Well, since I've already gotten my "search and teleport" code where I want it, I just have 2 more codes that I wanna work on right now XD

The first thing I wanna do is get RTWE working indoors and outdoors. I haven't really had enough time to try to understand Toe's source, so I'll look into it later.

The final thing (I might not even do it) is start working on my Anti Seeder code. I'm not even sure what I'm gonna do with it yet :p


  1. Fatboy12345236's Avatar
    Well, you got the Teleport code to work indorrs so, I reckon you can do the same to RTWE
  2. Fatboy12345236's Avatar
    How's the "anti-seeder" code coming along?
  3. lezlo1's Avatar
    wats the anti-seeder code...?
  4. Gamelova's Avatar
    Please make one v1.1 US the Anti seeder code, your my only hope: Read P.M